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§ 10.2 Collections of Technical Papers

The following are selected technical publications with a diverse mix of authors, institutions and multidisciplinary topics related to asteroidal and lunar materials utilization.

If you click on any of the first few conference proceedings below, you will get an introduction to the conferences and can see the tables of contents of the published proceedings. Papers coming from these publications are cited often in the PERMANENT pages.

Bi-Annual Engineering, Construction and Operations in Space, a series of conference proceedings.

Bi-Annual SSI Princeton Conferences on Space Manufacturing, a series of conference proceedings.

Resources of Near-Earth Space, a special collection of 23 scientific papers totalling 650 pages on lunar and asteroidal materials utilization (plus an additional 300 pages for Mars), edited by John S. Lewis, Mildred S. Matthews, and Mary L. Guerrieri, published by The University of Arizona Press (Tucson & London), 1993, ISBN 0-8165-1404-6. In all, 86 collaborating authors put together this volume.

The Second Conference on Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century, edited by W. W. Mendell, published by the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, 1992. NASA CP-3166. I've got this one on microfiche now, so coverage of its papers will be integrated into the website soon.

Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century, published by the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, 1985. Around 1000 pages. Unfortunately, this book is locked away in storage on the other side of the planet and I've lost my references database file on it. Can someone provide us this information? > Research Resources > Recommended Reading, Technical

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