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Business Plan

This is an old page from the 1990s.

"It is possible to make PERMANENT happen as a private enterprise.
 It's only a matter of whether we are good enough for the ultimate success."

The purpose of this website is basically twofold:

  1. To recruit people to join us in implementing our plan, or
  2. Otherwise, to empower people to try to do it on their own, if they so choose

We are proceeding as follows:

  1. Collect and organize all relevant technical research to date, and create a database of leaders. This is basically DONE ALREADY!, constantly updated.

  2. Create a viable business plan for utilizing asteroidal and lunar materials commercially. We have a general plan which we think will be quite profitable, but we do not have all the "nuts and bolts" details (and never will ... for the subsequent payloads). The current status of the general business plan is available in part to those who join us by buying the PERMANENT book.

  3. Raise money to fund further development of the business plan and eventual launch of space systems.

Generally, we are minimizing the cost of space resources utilization by a twofold approach:

  1. A purely private sector, non-governmental approach (discussed in section 7)

  2. Utilizing transnational (or "offshore", the slang expression) resources as much as is reasonable, rather than rely 100% on expensive American and European engineers and other specialists

There are many Russian space engineers with key experience but who are underemployed and unemployed. China and India have been building and launching spacecraft since the 1970s. Talent is everywhere, and the laws of physics and engineering are the same in Bangalore as in Cambridge.

Utilizing space resources will require building mining and manufacturing equipment. Since nobody has mined asteroids or the Moon, no country has a significant lead. We can utilize scientists and engineers from all over the world. This is the PERMANENT approach, and how we can be most competitive. It also fulfills the ideal of making space an opportunity for the benefit of all mankind. If you are really willing and able, then contact PERMANENT!

PERMANENT founder Mark Prado, who worked in advanced planning for the U.S. space program in the 1980s, spent the 1995-2001 period working in engineering and construction in less developed countries, and has exported via the internet the services of skilled analysts and designers.

How you can participate

We are operating on budgeted resources and cannot afford to drain precious money, time and effort in unproductive ways. If you want to get involved, then it must be mutually beneficial and sustainable.

The minimum for North Americans, western Europeans, Japanese, those Down Under, and other people who can afford it is to just buy the PERMANENT book, for just $27.50. You will get four benefits:

  1. We take you more seriously
  2. A good book you can read anywhere
  3. By e-mail, a chronological list of updates to the website so that you can quickly see what's new in space resources, so that you don't waste time hunting around the website trying to find out what's new while re-reading a lot of things you've already read, and so you won't miss anything new that happens
  4. Access to much of the PERMANENT business plan, whereby you can contribute to its development if you wish

An alternative to buying the PERMANENT book, especially for those in less developed countries like Russia, China, India and elsewhere, for whom $27 is a lot of money (and who often don't have a credit card anyway), is to provide a useful service instead. We can give you access to all of the above, and even send you (or your library) a book for free, if you help us out with your time, effort and skills.

Another alternative is to do business with us otherwise. We have a business exporting present-day skilled services via internet from less developed countries (e.g., Russia, India, Thailand) to the West (mainly North America). We can offer you the most competitive prices for high quality work. Examples are website design, artwork (including 3D modeling and animations, from brief to program extent), engineering design, data processing and programming. Our offshore company, Export Quality Services Co., Ltd., founded by PERMANENT founder Mark Prado, operates the website and employs longtime PERMANENT contributors. We use profits from this enterprise to operate PERMANENT (otherwise PERMANENT would die), and use skilled employees to create the artwork and programming for PERMANENT, and perform other PERMANENT functions as well. (Note: this paragraph is from around the turn of the century, and my business is not so active any longer in export of services, though we are very experienced in it.)

If you really want to see PERMANENT happen, then why buy these services from someone else? Outsource to us.

We and our clients have provided export of architecture and engineering design services, 3D modeling, artwork, programming, data processing, research/analysis/creative writing, and language translation services.

This can be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship that should last the rest of our lives. The earlier you establish yourself, the better.

Our long-term plan is to utilize offshore skilled labor as much as feasible to most economically produce the marketing materials for PERMANENT and its clients, research and development, engineering design and launch of payloads ... as discussed above.

We are looking for mirror sites for the PERMANENT website. We do not discriminate by race, religion, present political establishment of the government of your country, etc.

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PERMANENT needs a PHP / MySQL (actually, MariaDB) programmer. Are you a PHP / MySQL programmer interested in getting into space development as a career, or already working in space development? Or do you know somebody else who might be interested?

There is an ongoing process to update this website in 2019 with a target relaunch in 2020.
This website is actually very out of date. Much of the website text content was written in the 1980s to early 2000s, but that's a different matter. As regards PHP / MySQL, some offline databases go into the 2010s, as regards professional publications, engineers, companies, etc., and this is what we need programming help with. We are updating our databases on people, organizations, publications, and other things, for open source space development for all.

The current status is we have some working databases which we have been using internally for a long time for organizing professional publications, and to track people (authors, R&D people, other professionals, quality volunteers, journalists, etc.) and organizations. We want to put information online for the general public pending a security review of the programming code.

Step 1 is fixing some bugs in what we already have, the PHP code. It is functional, and been used a long time, but there are some bugs.
Step 2 will be improving the system. Some small improvements would help its usability.
Step 3 will be a security check for putting it online for the general public to be able to access and use, but with reasonable protection against hackers.
After Step 3, the main mission is accomplished, as regards PHP / MySQL, though of course we hope to keep people engaged and happy, and the sky's not the limit.

This is a volunteer, unpaid role at this point in time. A limited paid role would be considered on a tight budget, such as for at least bug fixing with some minor improvements, and/or a security review of our code before it goes online publicly. If you or one of your friends or associates may be interested, please send an email to spaceprogrammer at ... of course this domain.

Reasons to do something yourself:

  • It will help save life on our special planet -- be part of the solution in your generation.
  • It will create and secure a better future for your children and grandchildren.
  • It could be an interesting, cool, and a fun adventure for your life!

You can join us and volunteer to help out,

... or ...

If you're short on time, you can just donate:

The Permanent Space Development Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
If you would like to make a quick donation to our humanistic cause,
then please click on one of the buttons below (which go to PayPal).

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Suggest this website to other people and organizations.

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Leave information about yourself in our people, companies, and organizations database.

If you are interested in hiring our expertise, anywhere in the world, please contact us.
We have people in the USA and Thailand, and can travel or consult by internet.
You can call anytime, 24/7, at +66-8-1135-7977

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