In all geologic time, the responsibilities are on our generation ... including you ...

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  Introduction to PERMANENT, purpose
  Human Extinction, Bio and Nano Tech
    Flaws in Human Species
    Human Futures
    Synthetic Biology
    Interesting and Cool Things!
    More on Bio/Nano Tech
  Moon vs. Asteroids vs. Mars
  Asteroids, Near Earth Objects (NEO)
    Overview of NEOs
    NEO Location Classes
    NEO Geologies
    Meteorites: Samples of NEOs
      Origins of Meteorites
      Compositions of Meteorites
      Falls vs. Finds Caveat
    Reflection Spectroscopy of NEOs
    Probes to Asteroids, Comets
      Phobos, Deimos (Mars moons)
      Giotto (Halleys Comet)
      MBA Galileo flybys
      Clementine 1
      Deep Space 1
      Hayabusa NEA Sample Return
      Rosetta Comet Lander, Orbiter
      Deep Impact (Comet)
      Dawn to MBA Vesta, Ceres
      Fobos-Grunt (failed, Phobos)
      OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Probe
      Obama-Keck asteroid retrieval
    Mining Asteroids and NEOs
    Asteroid Lander Techniques
    Impact of Earth by a NEO
    Discovering New NEOs
  Lunar Resources (Mining The Moon)
    Overview of Lunar Resources
    Origin and Composition
      Geology, Highlands vs. Lowlands
      Apollo and Luna Samples
      Major Minerals
      Polar Water and Volatiles
      Non-Polar Volatiles
      Powdery Texture
    Mining Lunar Resources
    Bases on the Moon
    Lunar Probes, History and Future
      Clementine 1
      Lunar Prospector
      SMART 1 (Europe)
      Chang-e 1 (China)
      SELENE (Japan)
      Chadrayaan 1
      LRO and LCROSS
      Chang-e 2 (China)
      Chang-e 3 lander (China)
      Chandrayaan 2
      Russian Luna 25-29, 2015-2020
    Links, Lunar
      Earth-Moon System
      L1,L2,...L5 Libration Points
      Lunar Gravity Assist for Asteroids
      Asteroid Missions
    Vehicles - Nearterm
      Chemical Rockets
      Electric Interorbital
        Ionic MicroThrust (EPFL)
    Vehicles Midterm
      Steam Rockets
      Mass Drivers
    Vehicles - Longterm
    Storability of Propellants
    Earth Launchers
      Russian Soyuz Manned
      Chinese Shenzhou
      SpaceX, Falcon, Elon Musk
      United Space Alliance
      Stratolaunch, Paul Allen, Burt Rutan
      Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos
  Manufacturing, Industry
    Space Environment
      Zero Gravity to High-G Centrifuge
      Solar Ovens, High Temperatures
      Solar Electric Power
      Heat Rejection
    Bulk Construction Materials
      Glassy Ceramics
    Materials Processing
      Magnetic Separation
      Volatile Extraction
      Electrostatic Separation
      Vibration and Flotation
      Solar Oven Distillation
      Chemical Processing
    Waste Disposal
      Vapor Deposition in Vacuum
      Containerless Processing in Zero G
      Powder Metallurgy (UC)
      Surface Exploration
      Mining Robotics
      Manufacturing Robotics
      Robotics in Other Operations
  Products and Services
    Fuel and Propellants
    Satellite Refuel, Repair, Service
    Satellite Platforms
    Radiation Shielding (UC)
    Large Structures (UC)
    Silicon Orbit (UC)
    Precious Metals (UC)
    Aerobraking Shields (UC)
    Space-to-Space Power (UC)
    Space to Earth Power - PowerSats
      PowerSat Concept
      Earth Power Station Comparisons
      Environmental Issues
        Non-Beam Issues
        Beam Effects
      Technical Issues
      Links to Other Websites
    Safer Biotech and Nanotech Labs
    Recycling Earth Rocket Fuel Tanks
    General Earth Benefits
  Space Colonies
    Orbit vs. Planetary Surface
    How Realistic?
    Nearterm Habitats, Condos
    Ecology, CELSS
    NASA CELSS With Humans
    Russian CELSS
    Biosphere 2
    Other CELSS Projects
    Artificial Gravity by Centrifuge
    Web Prototype?
    Links to Other Websites
  Law, Governments, and Private Sector
    Private Sector
      CATS Unnecessary
      History and Issues
      Asteroids vs. Moon
    Legal Environment
      Legal History and Issues
      Archimedes Institute
      History of Governments in Space
      How Governments Can Help
      National Commission on Space
    Space Advocacy Organizations
    Cautions and Warnings
  Plans, Concepts, People, Orgs
    How to Make Money
    Mining the Moon vs. Asteroids
    Leading Private Sector Projects
      Bigelow Aerospace
      Planetary Resources
        PRI and PERMANENT
      Moon Express
      Astrobotics Lunar Polar Probe
      Deep Space Industries
      Russian Nuclear Manned Interorbital
      Golden Spike Lunar Mining
      Other Companies and Programs
    Leading Government Projects
    Research and Development Partners
      Space Studies Institute (SSI)
      Space Resources Roundtable
      NASA prize competitions
      Google Lunar X-Prize
    Past Efforts, Stalled or Creeping
      SpaceDev / NEAP
    Lunar, Asteroid Mining Company
      Business Plan
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PERMANENT needs a PHP / MySQL (actually, MariaDB) programmer. Are you a PHP / MySQL programmer interested in getting into space development as a career, or already working in space development? Or do you know somebody else who might be interested?

There is an ongoing process to update this website in 2019 with a target relaunch in 2020.
This website is actually very out of date. Much of the website text content was written in the 1980s to early 2000s, but that's a different matter. As regards PHP / MySQL, some offline databases go into the 2010s, as regards professional publications, engineers, companies, etc., and this is what we need programming help with. We are updating our databases on people, organizations, publications, and other things, for open source space development for all.

The current status is we have some working databases which we have been using internally for a long time for organizing professional publications, and to track people (authors, R&D people, other professionals, quality volunteers, journalists, etc.) and organizations. We want to put information online for the general public pending a security review of the programming code.

Step 1 is fixing some bugs in what we already have, the PHP code. It is functional, and been used a long time, but there are some bugs.
Step 2 will be improving the system. Some small improvements would help its usability.
Step 3 will be a security check for putting it online for the general public to be able to access and use, but with reasonable protection against hackers.
After Step 3, the main mission is accomplished, as regards PHP / MySQL, though of course we hope to keep people engaged and happy, and the sky's not the limit.

This is a volunteer, unpaid role at this point in time. A limited paid role would be considered on a tight budget, such as for at least bug fixing with some minor improvements, and/or a security review of our code before it goes online publicly. If you or one of your friends or associates may be interested, please send an email to spaceprogrammer at ... of course this domain.

Reasons to do something yourself:

  • It will help save life on our special planet -- be part of the solution in your generation.
  • It will create and secure a better future for your children and grandchildren.
  • It could be an interesting, cool, and a fun adventure for your life!

You can join us and volunteer to help out,

... or ...

If you're short on time, you can just donate:

The Permanent Space Development Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
If you would like to make a quick donation to our humanistic cause,
then please click on one of the buttons below (which go to PayPal).

... or by cryptocurrency (which is NOT tax deductible), you can donate into any of these wallets:





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Suggest this website to other people and organizations.

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For general or specific e-mail regarding PERMANENT, please use our Feedback page.

Leave information about yourself in our people, companies, and organizations database.

If you are interested in hiring our expertise, anywhere in the world, please contact us.
We have people in the USA and Thailand, and can travel or consult by internet.
You can call anytime, 24/7, at +66-8-1135-7977

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