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§ 6.12 The Alaska Project by ISEC Co

ISEC Co (International Space Exploration and Colonization Co.), a nonprofit corporation, has undertaken the construction of a CELSS habitat in Alaska, call Nauvik, to help develop the technology needed for building CELSS in space. It's a 40 foot (12 meter) diameter dome which will be buried completely underground, with an airlock attached to the outside. Inside there will be 3 floors. The bottom floor will be devoted to crop growth, aquaculture (fish), and possibly chickens and rabbits for meat. The second floor will be primarily a living area. The top floor will be small and used to house equipment such as dehumidifiers, water tanks and air conditioners. They have a newsletter which is active, quite a number of people very actively involved, and progress is steady. However, money is a serious problem with this project.

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