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§ 6.5 Detailed Designs of Space Habitats and Colonies

Unfortunately, there is precious little information on the WWW regarding technical design of self-sufficient space settlements as of the time of this writing (early 1997). The technical material from old NASA studies exists on paper and in peoples' word processed files on disks somewhere, but it would be more accessible and useful if someone would submit materials for putting up on the web. PERMANENT would happily put technical materials up on this WWW page for free if senders would submit them with information on their source(s). Most of what currently exists on the WWW is just pictures of large space settlements.

Two pioneering studies on the engineering requirements for wheel colonies, as well as sphere and cylinder colonies, is given in the reports of two NASA-sponsored workshops at the Ames Research Center in 1975 (ref.) and 1977 (ref.). The 1975 report, "Space Settlements: A Design Study", has been put up on the WWW at a NASA Ames site (thanks to Al Globus).

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