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Unclassified Ads

§ 6.16 Earn a One-Way Ticket -- the PERMANENT Unclassified Ads

Want a ticket to space? Can't afford it yourself? There may be an alternative to tourism, if you're willing to take a one-way ticket.

Many kinds of people will be needed, not just rocket scientists and people with education or experience in old space disciplines. After all, America was founded largely by people landless in their own country, and victims of religious persecution. Most of America was not settled by the rich, but was settled by those who had a dream, were confident in their abilities to adapt to a new and different place, and had exceptional perseverance.

For example, colonies in space, both small and large, will need agronomers to grow food (much cheaper than launching it up from Earth), general practice doctors, robot teleoperators (sports talent counts here), strong folks to get into bulky space suits when we need someone to go out and do odd jobs, maids to prepare foods and clean all corners of the habitats, toilets, factories and things, and so on -- a vast assortment of movers and shapers and their support people. Especially vendors of odds and ends of all kinds. Think about what you can do and post an ad on the website, even if just for fun.

Adaptable people able and willing to perform a variety of tasks will be preferred. Call it Continuing Education. What makes more of a difference is one's personality, perseverance and approach, not one's paper credentials. So prepare an ad and prepare for that all-important in-person interview, possibly someday.

But please, only people who know what they're getting into need apply. This is not for arrogant transients. If you get homesick, you may have to get your own ticket back, unless you've got a very conciliatory contract with a company that has a self-prophecy loser clause. Space right now does not have most of the conveniences you probably take for granted. There is at this time no pizza delivery or 7-11™ or am/pm ™ convenience stores in space. (Want to start one?) There are no green parks to walk through. (Want to make and tend one, full of food for sale?) There are no nice restaurants in space... yet. (Mixed drinks and breweries aren't so difficult...) But I can guarantee you this -- there will be demand for all these, and someone will supply them ... In the space demand & supply economy, you can earn your keep. Others will, so why couldn't you?

How much cash will you need to bring to space? Not much. Again, you should be able to earn your keep by valuable space services. Demand for all kinds of services and goods, small and large, will be there in the high frontier.

The following are sample ads. To place an ad for yourself or your company, please see the instructions at the bottom of this form.

Classified ads on this webpage are free at this time -- there are no charges whatsoever.

Classified Ads

The following is a sample list of fictitious ads meant to inspire you. Most of these will come down as soon as a number of new ads go up. Feel free to put up an ad to compete with any of the following, as always.

7-11™ Convenience Stores could use the right kind of person for convenience stores in space. There's no am/pm™ in space. "Thank heaven for seven-eleven!" (Not a real ad by the real 7-11.)

Offshore engineering analysis, design and drafting services. Experienced in development of factories in remote reaches of planet Earth, and ready to apply these skills to space. Better than Western quality -- we know what it takes to be successful far away in rustic environments making use of what's available. E-mail

Ying Design - architecture and interior design of homes and offices in space. Wide range of products for the entire range of clientele, from first class awesome asteroidal achondrite granites to cheap furniture made from cast & polished recycled factory waste for homesteaders. Hand-made, unique, beautiful designs. Talk to us before you buy.

Petrovich Plumbing & Supplies, Ltd. - Have a pipe leaking valuable volatiles? I've got the best tools, supplies and experiences. 'Been fixing pipes and performing preventative maintenance, ranging from Siberian ice-cracked pipes to Vladovostok sea-corroded pipes. Have contacts and suppliers in space business. E-Mail

Next Frontier Real Estate and Property Development - Specializing in homes, offices and factories in orbital space from scratch (not on lunar territory). For sale and for rent.

Packing lunches for launches? Don't settle for unpalatable space "seefood". Dried seafood, popular on Earth in Asia, is a perfect snack for space, especially during long EVA's in space suits on repair missions. Seafood is richer in minerals than beef jerky. Delicious and nutritious. Dried cuttlefish, seaweed, rehydratable sushi, others on the menu. Variety packs for longer stays. Can ship to launch sites all over the world. E-mail

Drop Down, Ltd. - We will deliver space cargoes most anywhere in the world, practically any size, large and small. You can keep and auction our delivery vehicle. We'll use asteroid fuels to brake payloads to zero velocity in space so there's negligible re-entry heat. We can land people by parachute, rotor or lunar fiberglass boat. We can land heavy cargoes into oceans and seas using our foamed metal boats made in zero gravity. We can coordinate with seagoing tugs. E-mail

Mark Prado, space resources consultant. Founder and curator of PERMANENT. You won't find many people who have read and reviewed as much of the technical literature in this field as I have. Also have worked for engineering, construction and project management operations involved in making successful export factories in remote parts of the world, not unlike remote outer space. Seen successes and failures, and Real World reasons why. Been there, know what it takes to adapt. Physicist by degree, space job experience (SDI aka "Star Wars", other), engineering experience, American nationality, experienced in marketing. (Not interested in going to asteroids or space myself at this time, just assisting organizations that do.) E-mail

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