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§ 10 Research Reference Resources

Serious businesspeople should find the best experts in the field, and PERMANENT strives to link people together to make space resources into a reality. We provide references to all quality entities and resources, not just our allies. While we are a for-profit business, we maintain a humanistic, truly not-for-profit intent. We can help anyone willing to put their money, time and effort on the line for making space resources utilization a reality, not just talk. (When the next space race between companies starts, we will benefit by consulting to multiple entities as generalists. Until then, we are a catalyst for jump-starting this market sector.)

Progress is made by first researching work to date and then building upon that work -- "standing upon the shoulders of giants" or predecessors. Unfortunately, much of the internet is full of people who talk but don't listen, i.e., who don't research work to date before they start writing, thus trying to "reinvent the wheel".

Serious researchers and producers will first research work to date and then find an area where they can apply their expertise and resources to efficiently make advances.

Our Reference Resources section has three main areas:

    § 10.1 - The PERMANENT online database of technical paper references

    § 10.2 - Specially recommended technical resources

    § 10.3 - Good books for the layman

Alternatively, if you are a serious businessperson or researcher, then we can save you time and effort if you just e-mail us about your needs or interests at

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