Asteroids Near Earth
  Lunar Materials
  Industrial Processes
  Products and Services
     Fuel Propellants
        Other Operations
     Satellite Platforms
     Maintenance Services
     Radiation Shielding
     Large Structures
     Large Ovens
     "Silicon Orbit"
     Precious Metals
     Aerobraking Shields
     Space->Space Power
Space->Earth Power
        The SPS Concept
        Earth Comparisons
           Non-beam Effects
           Beam Effects
        Technical Issues
        Other Websites
     Recycling Fuel Tanks
     General Earth Benefits
  Space Colonies
  Law - Govt vs Private
  Mission Concepts
  Business Plan
  Research Resources
  Articles and Essays
  To Do List

§ 5.12: Energy from Space for Earth Economies -- Solar Power Satellites

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