Obayashi Corp.

§ 8.3.6 Obayashi Corp and a Space Colony

Like Shimizu Corp., Obayashi Corp. is a Japanese construction giant which is looking into potential construction in space, though I've heard that at this point they are looking at construction of a colony on the Moon or Mars, not in orbital space. There is nothing on this project on the web.

I contacted them to introduce them to the PERMANENT concepts of using asteroidal and/or lunar materials for space industrialization and settlement. The spokesperson on behalf of the company regarding their space colony "plan" is Obayashi's Chief Research Engineer, Yoji Ishikawa. I received an e-mail response from Mr. Ishikawa which stated "Thank you for your interest on our space activity. I think your idea to combine all the good information is good. Unfortunately our company is making our own website and so I cannot give you our information. I wish your success on your website."

Obayashi was founded in 1892, has capital of 57 billion Yen, 12,563 employees, and has an impressive list of subsidiaries worldwide. They have an Obayashi website, though it had nothing indicating any interest in space development last time I checked.

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