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Post by John Hunt » Sun Dec 26, 2010 2:48 am

What's the main risk for a hop? If I were to take a beach ball to a rocky desert, couldn't I kick it in numerous hops pretty much all day long? Craters don't have any overhangs generally. Rocks can have overhangs but I think that that is pretty rare. To overckome this, design the ball so that the jet can come out one of several holes in different parts of the ball so that if one jet didn't get it to hop then you try a different one.

I don't see that you have to aim it very well. The goal is simply to sample various parts of the crater. When you land, the inside of the ball could use the equipment as a weight so that you could torque the weight to one side to get the ball to start rolling in order to fine tune your immediate destination.

Also, the degree to which you inflate the ball is the degree to which it will bounce.

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