PERMANENT Donation for Russian Translation of the Databases, To-Do Lists, and Feature Articles Sections

This transaction is a donation specifically for translating sections 10, 12 and 14 on the databases, feature articles and to-do lists into Russian. You will be publically recognized for donating the money for obtaining this document, in the library and database section of the website, unless you specifically request otherwise.

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You actually take MORE of a risk with your credit card when you give it to many local stores, because any employee with access to the paper receipt will have all your credit card information, as well as any employees with access to their computerized database. The same goes for faxing a credit card number to a company. That's where a lot of credit card fraud originates -- with employees. Our E-Commerce system is as secure as it can get, since your credit card number and information goes straight to the authorization system. Not to our ISP. Not to us. Not to any E-Commerce reseller (like those you see in spam). PERMANENT set up its E-Commerce arrangement as directly as possible, not responding to any advertisements but seeking out the banking source, cutting out the common middle layers, long ago before everyone and their associates started reselling E-Commerce... (and who typically offer small or no startup fee since they already have it as a reseller, and instead take a cut on commissions, and often eventually hire people to handle accounts...) We paid the upfront fees, and did all the paperWORK, and now have a completely secure credit card system.

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