People Networking Database

This form has a dual purpose:
1. Our mailing list (you can include or exclude yourself below), and
2. Optional information about yourself or your organization for our who's who database.

Currently, it is used internally, but a public, searchable subset is under development which will list many of the people who choose "public" instead of "private" below.

Most of the fields below are optional, but you must answer the first 2 questions plus enter your email address and your name. However, if you want us to approve a request to make your information public in our database for professional networking, then we need more information about you in the subsequent section.

For the information which you are entering, please choose one or the other option below:

Public, may be displayed in a future database search (except email address)
Private, only for PERMANENT administrators, not to be accessible by the public

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The fields BELOW are optional, but the Submit button is at the bottom of the page.

If you have a website relevant to PERMANENT, or else a personal link about yourself or your organization, then you may list it here. It does not need to be relevant to PERMANENT, just to you.
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If you entered a web link above, please tell us whether we should consider inclusion in the PERMANENT website, and if so, just a very brief summary of website subject matter.

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PERMANENT related areas of PRIMARY expertise or serious interest:
Lunar bases
Asteroid resources
Earth launch
Habitats in orbit
Biological systems

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Please elaborate about your own work, organization, interests, skills, commitment level, and any other comments. This field is intended to be a public field so that others can get to know about you and/or your organization. For anything private, please send email instead.

These two fields below are private and for our administrative use only, not public:

How did you find out about PERMANENT?

How serious are you about helping PERMANENT or a related organization? (not necessarily for PERMANENT)
Space development is my primary occupation or a most serious commitment in my life
Major commitment - I will give as much time and effort as I can afford, and am very serious
I don't have much time, but I will contribute my skills as best I can
I can chip in a little bit of time, but don't want to take too much of your time
I have no time right now, but might in the future, and here's my information for the record
I will have no time, and right now just sending some information to you.

You may create multiple records, for example, fill in this form once for yourself, submit it, then fill it in again for your organization and submit that.