§ 14.7 - Journalist Research

This task is related to "outreach".

We need more media outlets than just the World Wide Web, e.g., magazines, TV. This is probably one of the most fun tasks, because you go to the library and read interesting magazines. Along the way, you keep notes on the names of journalists who cover science, technology & human affairs for major magazines and TV shows, and who they are affiliated with.

For example, when you pick up a popular public magazine like Newsweek and see an article within it on, say, a technology & human affairs issue, take note of the name of the journalist who wrote the article and the name of the publication (e.g., "Mary McGrory, for Newsweek, wrote an article on ...") and e-mail this information to . Once you give us a journalist's name and the name of their publication, we can find their e-mail address and/or street addresses and send them information on the PERMANENT concepts and plans. But first, we need to know specifically who. You can help in any or all aspects of these media relations efforts.

We also need to write up and refine press kits on occasion. If you think you're a good writer for the general public, then you can assist us, either in creating material or in critiquing it.

If you're in the Washington DC area, the New York City area, London, or another major city which is headquarters for major media companies, you could be of special assistance.

We keep a master list of journalists, their e-mail addresses, and what they've written to date. We do not put this information up on the web, for obvious reasons.

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