§ 14: PERMANENT To-Do List

The purpose of PERMANENT to date has been the following:

  1. Information collection -- all the technologies, scientific information, and research entities useful for utilizing space resources. (Regarding the entities, we should know of them even if they don't know us yet, so that we don't reinvent the wheel with precious resources and so much to do, and so we can contact them when the time comes for potential joint venturing.)
  2. Outreach -- find people who want to help us make this happen. Get to know these people and engage them into doing useful things. We need people with a diversity of skills and interests.
  3. Business development -- develop viable business plans for developing space resources. This includes mission scenarios, engineering designs, identifying R&D needs, cost estimates, financing alternatives, and attracting qualified investors.
  4. Education -- put out the vision and see if others will help make it happen, government or private, even if we don't know them. There must be a clear vision before time and energy will be focused properly. We can always serve that market once it gets going, if we don't fully get it going ourselves. It will be a huge market with room for everyone, and the sooner it's jump-started, the better for everyone. (Of course, our educational activities do not include giving away any company confidential business plans! Just information collected from the open literature in the context of space resources for outreach.)

Many people who have browsed the PERMANENT website have wanted to do something for PERMANENT. This has been very encouraging. Therefore, I have come up with tasks for people to do.

I would like to say that I truly appreciate all the help I've received so far, and I am quite loyal to those who help PERMANENT, even when they make mistakes. This has been a volunteer effort to date. Hopefully, that will change before long. I believe that those who volunteer early will be the most committed, trustworthy and reliable people for the long run when we can afford to hire people for pay.

The following is a list of things that need to be done.

§ 14.1 - Engineering design -- see also section 9.3.1 in business plan
§ 14.2 - Analysis

§ 14.3 - Artwork
§ 14.4 - Project management (web projects)
§ 14.5 - Business plan development
§ 14.6 - Research on investors
§ 14.7 - Research on journalists (info collection)
§ 14.8 - Outreach § 14.9 - Inputs of new info on the web not linked by PERMANENT
§ 14.10 - Web site programming

§ 14.11 - Three kinds of contributor
§ 14.12 - Experiences to date with volunteers

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