> From: Beth & Bob Fogarty [mailto:betbob@camasnet.com]
> Iíve had an interest in nuclear power
> ever since I watched a ping-pong ball demonstration of a chain reaction,
> when I was in the third or fourth grade.  Itís amazing the effect 
> something like that can have on a kid.
> PERMANENT might want to consider this as well, from an educational
> viewpoint.  Might we make some short videos, describing the mechanics of
> comet and asteroid orbital dynamics, their physical make-up, asteroid
> mining, and possible uses for asteroidal materials.  Then market that as a
> science teaching aid?  In part, I see the PERMANENT mission to be that of
> education.  To me, this would be a logical extension of the PERMANENT book
> as well.

What this would require is recruiting some people in the education field interested and willing to work on this.  There are a heckuva lot of inquiries from students -- junior high, high school, college, and graduate.  We should first ask why such a person would be willing to work with PERMANENT, which could include any (or all) of the following reasons, with different weights on particular reasons per particular individual:

 * They are committed to our goals and want to do something
 * PERMANENT offers established, broader exposure to their project than their alternatives
 * They might make money from merchandising educational materials and toys

If this is going to fly, then I need someone to research and carry this project forward.

- Mark