§ 14.2.2 - Paper Documents Database

This involves developing the PERMANENT online database of paper references resource (section 10.1).

This database is part of PERMANENT's efforts in information collection, technical analysis, engineering design, outreach and business development.

We need to keep up with the technical literature in relevant fields. This means doing searches of commercial databases, and collecting information by other means. This information is then entered into the database and/or webpages. (If you don't want to enter the information yourself, just pass it on to me and I will happily review and enter the relevant data.) What we need to do is keep up on new literature and to review the new literature to determine its quality and how it may be useful. Valuable new information can be assimilated into the website in addition to being added, categorized and reviewed in our documents database. It's good to get the document itself, but the next best thing is to have a record in our database that it exists in case we need to order it later.

Jonathan Ricketson has created a documents database interface on the WWW using Lotus Notes. Users can access the database online. Approved users can also access it offline, looking up, adding and editing records, if they have the Lotus Notes program on their PC. Lotus Notes allows multiple people to edit the same database in different locations, and automatically synchronizes the databases.

The current database is accessible from the PERMANENT home page, thanks to Wizard Software Engineering and Wizard Computer Training in Canberra, Australia.

A general search of key external databases was performed in 1997 by volunteer Steve McCann of Wichita State University. We need to filter and categorize these references as regards their relevancy to PERMANENT.

We always appreciate professionals keeping us current on new works, and can always use professional people to review or comment on new works.

We can "outreach" to authors of technical papers which we find to be of quality and useful. The material in some of these papers will be useful in "business development" by assisting in engineering designs and other areas.

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