§ 14.11 - PERMANENT - Three Kinds of Volunteer

Usually, volunteers fall into one of three catagories:

    1. A specific, one-shot service -- you do a small, specific thing one time. Simple examples: submit one piece of artwork, or write up one page for the PERMANENT website. This is commonly for people who want to do something for the world once in a while outside of their usual circles, but also includes professionals in fields related to PERMANENT who are willing to make a one time contribution of their relevant skill.
    2. A periodic effort -- you're on tap for occasional requests. Simple examples: you're a writer, and willing to critique and refine press releases and media kits on special occasions; or you're an artist willing to submit graphics for the PERMANENT website. This is most commonly for professionals with relevant skills, but are limited in how much time they can spend in a given month, e.g., a few hours or so on occasion. However, this person can be counted on for special occasions.
    3. A major committment -- you're willing to take on major tasks or responsibilities on an ongoing basis. Examples: you're willing to work on a section of the PERMANENT database in reviewing technical papers, organizing the information, and quoting excerpts in the relevant webpages.

    Major contributors usually migrate to a position or role that is unique and beyond categorization.

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