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Other Asteroid Resources and Websites

This section is for internet sites which either are not yet referenced in any of the above discussion or are broad spectrum asteroid information sources.

  • AsteroidZone - a division of ExploreZone (, with excellent articles for the layman on a broad spectrum of asteroid topics, and lots of nice, appropriate graphics

  • Space Engineering Research Center (SERC) for Utilization of Local Planetary Resources is co-directed by Dr. John S. Lewis, one of the longtime leaders in the asteroidal materials utilization field and one of the best all around people in the field. This is an R&D page with a few splatterings of research reports. Its overriding value is in its contacts and future research resources.

  • Bill Bottke's Asteroid Research Home Page, from the Caltech Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences. A scientist with a nice page, including links to many other web resources on asteroids.

  • NASA/JPL site's links to other asteroid websites

  • The European Asteroid Research Network (EARN) is an informal association of European research groups active in asteroid research, mainly scientific rather than for resources utilization.

  • The FoundatIon for the Non-governmental Development of Space (FINDS) has taken interest in asteroid searches. FINDS is "a $13 million dollar endowment that funds breakthrough projects that will open space to the people of Earth." FINDS "is currently funding other asteroid related projects, including long term NEO tracking at the University of Victoria in Canada and the development of technologies for extracting iron from asteroids at the University of Arizona" plus some work by Mark Sonter and associates in Australia. For more information, contact Rick Tumlinson or David Anderman of the Space Frontier Foundation at or call 1-800-78SPACE

The best books on asteroids from a purely scientific standpoint (not for space industrialization) are these compilations of scientific papers totalling about 1000 pages:

  • Asteroids, T. Gehrels, Editor, University of Arizona Press, 1982, ISBN 0-8165-0695-7.
  • Asteroids II, R. P. Binzel, T. Gehrels, M. S. Matthews, Editors, University of Arizona Press, 1989, ISBN 0-8165-1123-3.

The asteroid capital of the world seems to be at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, particularly the Lunar and Planetary Lab there (LPL) and the SERC listed above.

Spanish website on meteorites and geological resources of Space, in Spain and in the Spanish language. It is scientifically backed by the RedIRIS (Spanish Academic and Scientific network on the internet). > Asteroids, Near Earth Objects (NEO) > Links to Other Websites on NEOs

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